The first audio player in the world adjusting music to your hearing level!
For the first time in the world audio player with an alternative to active noise reduction!

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Your smartphone.
Your music.
Your hearing.

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Intellectual mixing sound around and content

Keep your parents calm

Adapt music to your hearing

Pimp your headphones

New alternative for an active squelch

Listen to music rather than listen to underground


Now the sound is really yours

Forget the noise

Noise compensation mode with automatic volume level control and frequency masking algorithm. Nothing will disturb your pleasure.

Never miss what`s really important

"World around" mode for listening to your favorite music and hearing the world around you – you`ll never miss a thing.

Natural Sound

Patented algorithm for personalized sound processing according to your unique hearing profile.


Leveling the volume for stream music by normalizing

Virtual loudspeakers

Imitation for headsets the sound, which is typical for playback through loudspeakers, for stream audio

Dual mode

Combine processing modes – “Natural Sound + Denoise” or “World Around + Natural Sound” to suit your exact context.


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